Golden Circle Sunflower Oil 2L


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Golden Circle 100-percent Pure Sunflower Oil made from pure and natural ingredients, brings out the natural taste of all your dishes. Golden Circle 100-percent Pure Sunflower Oil is a healthier option and a versatile, cost-effective cooking oil. With its beneficial fat profile, neutral taste and light texture, it is ideal for everyday use in salad dressings, sauces and marinades. It also has a high heat-tolerance which also makes it suitable for baking, saut? and stir-frying. It have been endorsed as a Healthier Choice by the Health Promotion Board of Singapore, and is a Halal certified product ? is 100% Natural ? is 25% lower in Saturated Fat as compared to regular Edible Oil ? is Cholesterol Free & Trans Fat Free ? is Rich in Omega 6 ? is Excellent Source of Vitamin E ? is Contains Polyunsaturated Fats ? Suitable for Vegetarians