Aroma Massage Oil




Aromatherapy Massage oil

Health and wellbeing through fragrance

Most of us pretty much aware that scents can change the way we feel.

Increasingly, there is a growing appreciation of the truly remarkable ability of fragrances to respond to our specific mental, physical and spiritual needs. Our sense of smell is registered in one of the oldest parts of the brain, known as the limbic area. This area is connected with memory, emotion and instinctive activities, such as sexual response, sleep, hunger and thirst. When we breathe in a scent, the aromatic molecules are quickly inhaled via the millions of sensitive cells that line the nasal passages, triggering messages that pass directly to the brain. This causes chemical changes in the body, which affect the state of mind, health and spiritual aspects of the person. Scents can be used to positively influence our wellbeing through direct application to the body (massage oils) or inhalation (aroma essence/aromatherapy oils) by scenting the air around us.

As such, we have specially formulated a host of aroma therapeutic products that suits the various applications. We have the widest range of scents for individual preference which allows you to choose the fragrance that you like. Use the invigorating, stimulating or refreshing scents (Fruity and leafy) when you are feeling tired or low spirited. Try out the calming fragrances (Flowers) to ease away your worries; and select the rich and luxurious aromas (special blends) when you want some pampering.

Our Aromatherapy massage oils are using high quality carrier oils, mixed with essential / fragrance oils for a pleasant and soothing aroma which does not leave the skin feeling oily. Aromatherapy massage helps to obtain specific moods, promotes healing and eases muscle pain, aches and sprains. When you receive a massage using our aromatherapy massage oils, the oils are absorbed into your skin and when you inhale the aroma, it provides physical and emotional benefits as well.